Vigan's famous kalesa

The Philippines: Where to Meet Beautiful Women

Are you looking to visit the Philippines but don’t know where to start? The entire country of the Philippines is separated into two major regions, Northern Luzon and Southern Luzon.

This, and along with the fact it has over 100 islands can make it intimidating or even difficult on where to start or go first.

While there are major cities and well-known places like Manilla or Subic City, there are also plenty of hidden treasures and other beautiful, exciting places to meet great people and possibly find the woman of your dreams.

Coming to the Philippines to find a beautiful woman and even wife can be fun, you just have to know where to look. Check out some of these beautiful, hidden treasures and find the right fit for you!

A Touch of Spanish Influence: Vigan, Ilocos Sur

beautiful church in Vigan

Before we dive right into some of the beaches, beach towns, and more rural places let’s cover a very nice, hidden getaway that still has a town and touch of Spanish and of course Filipino culture to enjoy.

Vigan, Ilocos Sur is a wonderful place to visit if you enjoy discovering local heritage, landmarks, beautiful churches, and of course beaches only within 30 minutes to an hour away.

A part of Southern Luzon it’s by no means the closest to the major cities or embassy’s, but if you’re looking to get away and experience something new this is a great place to start.

Nonetheless, the people here are extremely friendly, helpful towards tourists, and the cafes are absolutely delightful. If you’re more of a “social butterfly” this is a fantastic place to start! If you’re into bars and a big night scene this definitely isn’t the place for you, as this is a much more relaxed or slow pace place to visit or stay.

The women here are also extremely friendly, and because tourists don’t frequent this spot so often it makes you more of a “hidden gem”.

Calbiga, Samar (Langan Gobingob Caves)

Calbiga caves in Samar

Are you the adventure type? Samar is a beautiful province with undoubtedly some of the most beautiful, kind, and loving women in all of Philippines.

Samar all-around is full of adventures, mountains, opportunities to hike, camp, and more. Nearly every small town that you’ll come across here is accommodating to tourists, and in more instances than not the people you meet will at minimum be able to speak at least basic English.

While speaking a little Tagalog can help you, even if it’s your first visit you should do well. One of the most popular attractions in Samar is the Laguna Gobingob Caves, which are found in the city of Calbiga.

The caves here are tons of fun, you can go rafting, adventuring in the mountains, and more. Almost all of the local towns have some sort of shops, and if not cafes they have “sari-sari” stores which are convenience stores.

Even so, sitting outside of a “sari-sari” store and having a few cold ones or eating your meal is commonplace, and is a great way to meet new people including beautiful, single women that would be delighted to meet you and show you around.

Tangke in Gigantes Sur Island, Carles, Iloilo: A Mash

Tangke in Gigantes Island

If you’re on a budget, or simply looking to enjoy the simple things in life, take in the local culture, and explore then Iloilo is a great place to go, and Sur Island is incredibly beautiful and another hidden treasure for both locals and tourists alike.

While a simpler environment, is great for enjoying some delicious, local seafood, relaxing, and checking out various UNESCO World Heritage Sites. There are plenty of beautiful colonial houses and other heritage buildings that are a blast to visit!

The beaches here are no less full of white sand and transparent, blue water. There are also lots of single, helpful, and outgoing women that can be found all over the local town here and beaches.

It’s a popular destination for day trips, and plenty of Filipinos come here regularly to enjoy the sites, have picnics, and socialize. Ilolio is also conveniently located only one hour from the major city and airport found in Manilla, Philippines.

Bicol, Philippines: A Sight to Remember

Bicol's famous Mayon volcano

If you enjoy hiking, and taking in incredible sights than Bicol is a prime place to visit, meet new people, and conveniently has a nearby town full of stores, markets, cafes, and more (Legazpi City, Albay).

There’s great surfing here, found in Daet, and lots of affordable surfing lessons by local Filipinos – another great place to meet new people and find the Filipina of your dreams.

If you’ve never seen a volcano in real life, and it’s the type of thing you’d like to wake up to one morning and be able to see from afar or hike up then the Mayon Volcano near Legazpi City, Albay, Philippines is an incredible place to visit and be.

Two nearby islands Caramoan and Calaguas are also awesome places to visit, the locals are very friendly, and single Filipinas here are unlimited.

The weather here is great all year round, so you can always enjoy the sights and find beautiful, single Filipinas walking the beaches, shops, the local town, and nearby islands.

Apo Island, Dauin, Oriental Negros, Philippines: Scuba Diving to Nightlife

Apo Island in Negros Oriental

If you’re up for scuba-diving during the day, and enjoying a bustling nightlife full of outgoing, kind, and good-hearted Filipinos then Oriental Negros, Philippines is a great place to visit.

There’s ton of low-key and accommodating places throughout the city you can stay at, explore the beaches, and check out the incredible waterfalls.

Tour guides are available everywhere, but it’s equally easy to find and meet a nice girl that’s knowledgeable of the local area that’d be happy to show you around.

There’s also plenty of beautiful mountain resorts, so you can be nearby to local attractions, the city, and be comfortable while happy.

Apo Island is really a tourist friendly place, with tons of backpackers, and lots of women that are a regular working class, some in school, and others that work at their family’s local market or business.

So it’s as easy as walking into a store or café to land yourself a first date and possibly find the Filipina of your dreams.

Given the many islands, cities, and tourist attractions the Philippines is really endless with opportunities of beautiful, unique, and exciting places to visit.

The ratio of men to women is great in the Philippines all around, and it’s not difficult as a foreigner to meet a nice Filipina. The places mentioned here are unique, and while not as frequently visited by foreigners there are still plenty of local expats that live here, friendly people, and local police that are equally welcoming and accessible.

Even if you don’t find the type of establishment, beaches, or tourist hotspots like you had hoped for, going for local Tagalog classes and simply browsing around in restaurants, cafes, and hanging out is sure to land you a date or two.

Remember, just meeting Filipinos, in general, can be the key to meeting a nice Filipina woman, so by no means limit yourself to only “cold approaches”.

Filipina girl and American man looking happily in love

Should You Marry Your Filipina Girlfriend?

So you’ve fallen in love with the Filipina woman of your dreams, but what do you do next? There are several good questions to ask yourself about your intentions or plans, and a few points to take in mind with regards to the laws and what to expect.

Filipinas are some of the most genuine, loving, caring, and catering to your needs kind of woman that you’ll ever meet. So it should be no wonder why so many foreigners from around the world come to the Philippines every year searching for their other half, but what do you do once you’ve found here?

Are you here to stay?

Once you’ve settled into the Philippines and found the woman of your dreams one of the first biggest questions is where do you intend to go from here? Are you able to bring your business or work with you and live in the Philippines, or do you expect your Filipina lover (soon to be wife) to move back with you to your home country?

It’s important to appreciate how close of a bond most Filipinas have with their family, and how big of a thing it is to ask one to leave their friends and family behind to move out of the country with you. While there are plenty that likely have no problem with this as long as they can still come back and visit, it’s important you find out which of these your Filipina love is.

Plenty of foreigners come to the Philippines, fall in love, marry, and start a family here. But it’s critical your first research or considers the immigration laws, and what type or types of visa you may qualify for, along with your Filipina wife. Often, the solution is what’s known as a 13A Resident Visa, or the visa you receive once successfully married to a Filipina.

This takes a lot of the complications and unwanted headaches and costs associated with just being considered a “tourist” in the Philippines and having to get a new visa stamp (extension) every 60 days.

strong Filipina and her foreign partner

Have you become one with her family?

Lots of (foreigner) men may not realize it, or be in denial of the reality but when you marry a Filipina – like any woman – you’re marrying into her family as well. Therefore, it’s highly recommended you meet with her family, talk with them, “bond”, and understand what you’re getting yourself into. A person’s family, and especially a Filipinas, says a lot about a person, who they are, where they’ve come from, and what type of person they’re likely to be.

It’s also significant to consider the reality that in most cases without her family’s good wishes or approval she will not marry you, and may even break off the relationship. While not common it has happened in the past, so put your best foot forward, learn as much as possible about your future Filipina wife, and get to know her through her loved ones and friends.

Filipino families are some of the most welcoming, sincere, and loving families you’ll ever meet, and if you’re fortunate enough to get their approval and be liked, know that you’ll forever have their support, trust, and protection, no matter where you are or what the circumstances.

Filipinos take care of their own, and while every marriage and family come with its share of drama, they are nowhere near as dramatic, two-faced, or stressful as most American in-laws that you may have met or dealt with in the past. Filipinos stick together, enjoy living together (next point) with their families, and taking care of one another.

How does your Filipina Wife plan to live?

Have you talked to your Filipina wife about her living arrangements and plans for once the two of you are married? It’s not unusual for Filipina family’s to all occupy one or two houses together, often right next door. It’s likely your Filipina wife will still want to live close to her family, but this does have merit. For example, if you and your Filipina wife live close to her family, it’s likely they’ll always be over offering to cook, clean, help, and even take care of and babysit your children if and when that day comes.

It’s also not unusual for a Filipina and her husband to live with her mother or another close, older relatives. Is this something you’re comfortable with doing? It’s so critical you have this conversation with your Filipina girlfriend or fiancé by popping the big question or making the big move. The last thing you want is miscommunication or surprises

Have you come to an agreement or have realistic expectations for what gender roles the two of you have, or what one expects the other to do? While Filipinas make absolutely wonderful mothers and wives, not all are meant to or wish to be a “stay at home mom”.

Sure, it’s one of the most popular lifestyles here but it doesn’t mean it’ll be what yours wants to do. Plenty of Filipinas wish to and do successfully achieve higher education, and seek a real, part-time or full-time career. This reemphasizes the importance of communication and being on the same page with your future wife.

Filipina girl giving a sweet kiss to her bf

Acceptance and Approval by Others

The Philippines happens to be one of the most arguably democratic and free countries in all of Asia. People can be whoever they wish to be here, and live a free, nearly worry-free lifestyle as they commonly avoid materialism and focus more on family and happiness.

With that being said, just like any other place don’t automatically accept or assume that everyone you meet or know will be approving of your new marriage to your Filipina lover. However, in the end, keep in mind what matters most is your happiness, satisfaction, and that you find and make a life with the right woman for you.

Plenty of people both local Filipinos and foreigners will have their “war stories”, gossip, etc. but at the end of the day you’ll know better than anyone else if you’re truly happy, and if a marriage to your Filipina is best for your future.

Finding the Best Dating Site to Meet a Filipina

Men from all over the world, especially westerners—and foreigners in general—are becoming more and more infatuated with and seeking Asian women as their girlfriends and prospective brides.

The Philippines specifically happens to be a very open, free country with tons of young, single, and sexy Filipinas that dream about meeting the foreigner or western man of their dreams that will come and sweep them off their feet—in hopes of ultimately creating a family with.

Filipinas are naturally beautiful, with or without makeup, typically have an incredibly perfect physique while petite, stunning dark eyes, and flowing silky, natural, dark hair. Their eyes are mesmerizing, and many of them make absolutely hands down the best wives and mothers in the world!

So if you’re serious about seeking out and meeting the Filipina girl of your dreams, take into consideration the following websites or outlets to do so, and what we’ve learned!



LoveMe is a HUGE website, with tens of thousands if not more of ‘single women’ from all across the world. Specifically, there are also tens of thousands of beautiful, single Filipinas on the site as well. Whether or not they’re frequently active is a different factor—that seems to be hit or miss.

Unfortunately, has reportedly loads of fake pictures and profiles, along with scammers alike. Unfortunately men have reported that many women don’t reply to their emails, and when they do it’s very generic—and not actually responding directly to what you might have sent or asked them.

Lastly, the site and using its services, even in addition to upgraded membership, still can easily cost you a fortune in purchasing her email address, sending gifts, writing letters, hiring a translator, etc. etc.

With that being said, such a dating website brings us back to the reality that only so much can be expected from them, and at best, they ‘bridge the gap’ or make it possible to get a potential relationship going–and nothing more. It brings us back to the reality that there are no guarantees in life, online or off.



Blossoms seems to have quite a substantial amount of real profiles of beautiful, single Filipinas in their late 20’s to early 30’s. Make no mistake, Filipinas naturally stay gorgeous well into their older years, so this is definitely not a deal-breaker.

While Blossoms seems to be legitimate, the replies from women on the site can take very long, and due to their seemingly ‘archaic’ user-platform and features the website tends to lag a lot or be otherwise inconveniently slow.

At $30.00 a month, we refer you to more credible, well-reviewed, and worthwhile sites such as Cupid, as the aforementioned amount is considered a relatively high premium rate to pay for membership.



DateInAsia sets itself apart from most common dating websites, including those designed for finding single, sexy Filipinas. It does however, oddly require your telephone number for a confirmation code via SMS to register and maintain your account. While this might serve as a ‘buffer’ to keep the real from the fakes out, there’s no guarantee that your information won’t be shared, or that it hasn’t been in the past. The overall reputation of the site is mediocre at best.

Unfortunately, loads of scammers and bots have been reported, like many sites, to be on DateInAsia. The problem might very well be that the website doesn’t want to remove the fake profiles because they attract new traffic.

One benefit of the site is that there’s undoubtedly sexy and single women from all over the world that you can voice and video chat with–or arrange to send letters back and forth. However, emails seem less successful with users, so physical letters might be your best bet—although costly.

Again, a website like DateInAsia is one in which requires great discretion in successfully separating the real from the fake.



FilipinoCupid, well known and backed by its many other global and reputable dating websites is definitely an optimal choice amongst the competition.

While it has a history and reportedly does not ban unwanted scammers and BOTS directly via their IP addresses–in comparison, it seems to do the best job in filtering out the unwanted ‘fakes’, scammers, or otherwise ‘BOTS’.

There are definitely a substantial amount of legitimate women on the site, but you must use your discretion as with any dating site; to include not wiring women money haphazardly.

The premium membership cost you pay alone should be enough of an investment for you–for the time being. Ultimately, should you feel as though you’ve prospectively met your future girlfriend (or wife), it’s most advisable to arrange a meet to visit her and the country itself—as understandably, people can be completely different in person than they are online.

Should you be especially curious or interested in getting more out of your money before spending tons of money on airlines, you could, at your discretion hire a detective to peak in on the woman you’re interested in—some might say creepy, others say financially responsible, especially given the amount of potential scammers or ‘gold-diggers’ that all too often frequently give Filipinas a bad name.



Last but not least, there’s AsianDate.

For many, the sites been reportedly best used for ‘entertainment’ purposes-only, and that successfully linking up or corresponding with a legitimate woman and prospective future girlfriend is more or less a gamble—as seen in most dating sites anywhere in the world.

Considering its site-features and any realistic likelihood of meeting the Filipina of your dreams, the site is arguably a bit overpriced.

The website seems a big complicated to navigate, and is definitely not our top choice. More often than not, women have been labeled otherwise illegitimate, and even when they are real, could simply just be ‘phishing’ for your wallet, or preoccupied collecting ‘sponsors’ as some have experienced as a trend globally, but especially with women—online—throughout Asia to-date.

In consideration of all the prospective outlined online platforms for online dating and finding a sexy, single Filipina, FilipinaCupid seems to be the best bet and most ‘bang for your buck’.

Happy Dating!

Dating in the Philippines: What are the advantages and the disadvantages?

Below is my list of the advantages and the disadvantages of dating from the opposite sex in the Philippines. Before I begin though, I need to make it clear that in here lies an article featuring ideas without any false political correctness like you see in some parts of the Travel Channel, or what other people would define as hype advertising features that people would like to listen to. What I give is factual, with everything holding true to the degree that I am aware. They are, of course, not true for everyone, but largely will hold a lot of water to a great mass of people.

five filipina bikini beauties

The advantages:

  • In the Philippines, the marriage between husband and wife is based on Christian belief. It is a sacred union that many families hold fast, and this is the reason why the Filipina brides will be careful as she chooses whom her husband is. There is no divorce here, so you will want someone you can live with, to love, hold and commit to until your very last day on earth. In essence, the Filipina woman will always clench to the man of her life until the end. Family, for them, is the basic and is the fundamental unit, and as such, she will always stand for her family.
  • Flattery is a positive act around this place. Men are not considered evil or creeps if they go ahead and flat with the young ladies. Unlike most places that consider flattery as creepy and a disturbance, it is not so for the Filipina girls. Showing interest is a good sign. In fact, it is seen as mature, adorable and a natural course in life. The girls always adore the flattery and are very shy when you act out on them.
  • Looks, for the girls, are important, but not the essence of a relationship. As long as the girl is committed to you, she will show you the tenderness and affection you deserve. They have the time to be with you unlike most of the modern westernized women.

gorgeous pinay for marriage

  • The Philippines has a range of girls to choose from, having everything from the Spanish oriented light-looking girls to those that seem to have a Chinese orientation. We also have darker looking girls of Malay origin.
  • When making love, the women here are not uptight. They are quite receptive when you touch them. They are neither prudish nor puritanical like Americans or British women. They are able to give you a tender touch when making love like no other women can.
  • Filipina brides do not give you a hard time when communicating. Most have a good education background.
  • To a large extent, the Filipina girl is faithful to her husband once married. She will do whatever it takes to guard her marital status and she will require you to do the same. Whenever there are challenge, she is able to stick by your side. This kind of loyalty is unlike any other. Before doing any Filipina dating, it is recommended that a man take keen note of this kind of commitment.

filipina married to western

Some of the disadvantages:

  • Most of the girls from this region who allow foreigners in their lives come from a poor background. In many occasions, you will be expected to fend for the woman when it comes to medical attention and providing for the daily needs of the home. You will also be expected to give a hand to her extended family in case of an emergency. Since family comes first, they need their consultation to get married to any foreigner.
  • In some isolated occasions, Filipina women have the idea of getting married just to get their way into the West. It has been heard that men are today lamenting of how their newly wedded wives from the Philippines are ditching them almost immediately they arrive in the US. There seems to be a word going round in their native homes that if they get a divorce somehow, probably through filing a “physical abuse” case against the husband, they will not be deported.


You need to take in the bad as well as the good. Some people are OK with the disadvantages presented above, but some are terribly poor at handling the challenges that come along with marrying from the Philippines. There is no place to find a perfect wife. Just weigh the good and the bad and decide whether you are able to live with your partner’s moral values and ethical standards.

How to Date a Filipina

hot filipina bride with her sexy bodySo you want to date a beautiful, intelligent and fun Filipina? Of course you do! Who wouldn’t  Read on for some simple, straightforward tips that will help you make your fantasy a reality!

Be Humble

Humility is attractive to ALL women… not just Filipinan women. Being confident and interesting is fine but being cocky will not get you far. Show her that you are interested in her and that you feel lucky and privileged to get to know her.

Be Industrious

Being busy, active and hard-working will grab her interest. Asian women are typically raised in a culture where hard work, educational ambition and goals, and a general “nose to the grindstone” type of attitude is highly valued. She will find you highly attractive if you have a lot going on. Of course, you need to make time for her, however!

Don’t Be Pushy or Aggressive

Filipinas tend to be intrigued by American men. To them, a white man is exotic. They will enjoy the intrigue and flirtation that can be built with a courtship between the two of you. That means you need to keep things P.G. for a while. It also means that you shouldn’t act desperate or obsessive.Let things evolve naturally.

Show an Interest in Her Family

Women from the Philippinesn are typically very family oriented and are raised to be respectful of their elders. Family is highly important and will probably rank high for her on her priority list. If you want to attract her you need to show interest in her family, as well.

In particular, show an interest in getting to know her parents and grandparents and let her see that you value and respect their opinions.

Show an Interest in Her Culture

Be sure to show and interest and respect for her culture. Listen to her music, try their foods and attempt to learn some of their native language. You may even want to visit her country to see her cultural background first-hand  It will mean the world to her to see that you care about where she comes from.

Be Yourself

filipina brides with foreign men dating

When you are dating someone from another culture it can be tempting to want to try and change and conform to her culture. While there is nothing wrong with showing interest and respect for her cultural background, you should retain your own identity and have confidence about where you come from.

Try some delicious Filipino dishes (just stay away from Balut)! Being yourself is the only way to make a relationship work.

Being yourself, showing an interest in her family and culture and working hard will make you very attractive to her. Humility and a little bit of patience will let her see that you are confident without being arrogant.

The truth is that there is no secret to dating a Filipina other than to try as hard as you can to be authentic and respectful.

The rest will work itself out.

Apartments for Rent in Angeles City

Angeles City is the 3rd largest city in the Philippines and a very popular destination for tourists. It is also one of the most popular spots in the Philippines for expat retirees from The USA, Canada, The EU and especially Australia.

park in angeles city pampanga

If you are thinking about retiring in Angeles, or just coming here for an extended stay then one of your main priorities should be finding an apartment for rent in Angeles City.

There are various ways to go about finding an apartment – I have laid them out in the list below:

How to Find an Apartment in Angeles City, Pampanga

angeles city real estate services1. Use a Real Estate Service – There are several large real estate companies in Angeles City who have listings for Apartments as well as for houses. The problem I have with these Agencies is that they mark up the price considerably.

An apartment that should be going for 12,000 pesos could end up costing you $15,000 thru a Real estate agent. You will also be asked to sign ridiculous leases that make you liable for huge sums if you so much as put a nail hole in the wall of the apartment.

angeles city classified ads2. Angeles Classifieds – There are several large classified websites in the Philippines that have Angeles City apartment rentals. But in my experience they are useless. These sites are not well run like in the USA or Australia.

Most of the listings you find for Angeles City apartments will be outdated. When I first moved to Angeles City I left at least a dozen emails and messages for landlords on these sites and only received 1 reply. When I went to look at the place it was a DUMP! Totally un-livable.

angeles city blue book3. The Angeles City Bluebook – There is a monthly pamphlet distributed in Angels called “The Blue Book” – it has listings for all of the Larger Apartment complexes in Angeles (when they have vacancies).

At these larger, corporate run complexes, it’s much the same as with the Real-estate agencies. You will be asked to sign long term leases and leave huge security deposits.

drive around angeles city pampanga philippines4. Drive Around – The way I have found ALL of my apartments in Angeles City was by renting a scooter and driving around. First figure out what area you want to live in – then just drive around and look for “For Rent” signs.

5. The Internet – Do a search for something like “Apartments for rent in Angeles City” and you will find many of the resources I listed above. You may also find some small time operators, like the place I live, Greenstreet Place.

This is a 7 unit complex in a very convenient area and the rents are very reasonable. These small complexes, in my opinion are a much better way to go.