Apartments for Rent in Angeles City

Angeles City is the 3rd largest city in the Philippines and a very popular destination for tourists. It is also one of the most popular spots in the Philippines for expat retirees from The USA, Canada, The EU and especially Australia.

park in angeles city pampanga

If you are thinking about retiring in Angeles, or just coming here for an extended stay then one of your main priorities should be finding an apartment for rent in Angeles City.

There are various ways to go about finding an apartment – I have laid them out in the list below:

How to Find an Apartment in Angeles City, Pampanga

angeles city real estate services1. Use a Real Estate Service – There are several large real estate companies in Angeles City who have listings for Apartments as well as for houses. The problem I have with these Agencies is that they mark up the price considerably.

An apartment that should be going for 12,000 pesos could end up costing you $15,000 thru a Real estate agent. You will also be asked to sign ridiculous leases that make you liable for huge sums if you so much as put a nail hole in the wall of the apartment.

angeles city classified ads2. Angeles Classifieds – There are several large classified websites in the Philippines that have Angeles City apartment rentals. But in my experience they are useless. These sites are not well run like in the USA or Australia.

Most of the listings you find for Angeles City apartments will be outdated. When I first moved to Angeles City I left at least a dozen emails and messages for landlords on these sites and only received 1 reply. When I went to look at the place it was a DUMP! Totally un-livable.

angeles city blue book3. The Angeles City Bluebook – There is a monthly pamphlet distributed in Angels called “The Blue Book” – it has listings for all of the Larger Apartment complexes in Angeles (when they have vacancies).

At these larger, corporate run complexes, it’s much the same as with the Real-estate agencies. You will be asked to sign long term leases and leave huge security deposits.

drive around angeles city pampanga philippines4. Drive Around – The way I have found ALL of my apartments in Angeles City was by renting a scooter and driving around. First figure out what area you want to live in – then just drive around and look for “For Rent” signs.

5. The Internet – Do a search for something like “Apartments for rent in Angeles City” and you will find many of the resources I listed above. You may also find some small time operators, like the place I live, Greenstreet Place.

This is a 7 unit complex in a very convenient area and the rents are very reasonable. These small complexes, in my opinion are a much better way to go.