Dating in the Philippines: What are the Advantages and the Disadvantages?

Below is my list of the advantages and the disadvantages of dating from the opposite sex in the Philippines. Before I begin though, I need to make it clear that in here lies an article featuring ideas without any false political correctness like you see in some parts of the Travel Channel, or what other people would define as hype advertising features that people would like to listen to.

What I give is factual, with everything holding true to the degree that I am aware. They are, of course, not true for everyone, but largely will hold a lot of water to a great mass of people.

The advantages:

  • In the Philippines, the marriage between husband and wife is based on Christian belief. It is a sacred union that many families hold fast, and this is the reason why the Filipina brides will be careful as she chooses whom her husband is. There is no divorce here, so you will want someone you can live with, to love, hold and commit to until your very last day on earth. In essence, the Filipina woman will always clench to the man of her life until the end. Family, for them, is the basic and is the fundamental unit, and as such, she will always stand for her family.
  • Flattery is a positive act around this place. Men are not considered evil or creeps if they go ahead and flat with the young ladies. Unlike most places that consider flattery as creepy and a disturbance, it is not so for the Filipina girls. Showing interest is a good sign. In fact, it is seen as mature, adorable and a natural course in life. The girls always adore the flattery and are very shy when you act out on them.
  • Looks, for the girls, are important, but not the essence of a relationship. As long as the girl is committed to you, she will show you the tenderness and affection you deserve. They have the time to be with you unlike most of the modern westernized women.

gorgeous pinay for marriage

  • The Philippines has a range of girls to choose from, having everything from the Spanish oriented light-looking girls to those that seem to have a Chinese orientation. We also have darker looking girls of Malay origin.
  • When making love, the women here are not uptight. They are quite receptive when you touch them. They are neither prudish nor puritanical like Americans or British women. They are able to give you a tender touch when making love like no other women can.
  • Filipina brides do not give you a hard time when communicating. Most have a good education background.
  • To a large extent, the Filipina girl is faithful to her husband once married. She will do whatever it takes to guard her marital status and she will require you to do the same. Whenever there are challenge, she is able to stick by your side. This kind of loyalty is unlike any other. Before doing any Filipina dating, it is recommended that a man take keen note of this kind of commitment.

filipina married to western

Some of the disadvantages:

  • Most of the girls from this region who allow foreigners in their lives come from a poor background. In many occasions, you will be expected to fend for the woman when it comes to medical attention and providing for the daily needs of the home. You will also be expected to give a hand to her extended family in case of an emergency. Since family comes first, they need their consultation to get married to any foreigner.
  • In some isolated occasions, Filipina women have the idea of getting married just to get their way into the West. It has been heard that men are today lamenting of how their newly wedded wives from the Philippines are ditching them almost immediately they arrive in the US. There seems to be a word going round in their native homes that if they get a divorce somehow, probably through filing a “physical abuse” case against the husband, they will not be deported.


You need to take in the bad as well as the good. Some people are OK with the disadvantages presented above, but some are terribly poor at handling the challenges that come along with marrying from the Philippines. There is no place to find a perfect wife. Just weigh the good and the bad and decide whether you are able to live with your partner’s moral values and ethical standards.