Finding the Best Dating Site to Meet a Filipina

Men from all over the world, especially westerners—and foreigners in general—are becoming more and more infatuated with and seeking Asian women as their girlfriends and prospective brides.

The Philippines specifically happens to be a very open, free country with tons of young, single, and sexy Filipinas that dream about meeting the foreigner or western man of their dreams that will come and sweep them off their feet—in hopes of ultimately creating a family with.

Filipinas are naturally beautiful, with or without makeup, typically have an incredibly perfect physique while petite, stunning dark eyes, and flowing silky, natural, dark hair. Their eyes are mesmerizing, and many of them make absolutely hands down the best wives and mothers in the world!

So if you’re serious about seeking out and meeting the Filipina girl of your dreams, take into consideration the following websites or outlets to do so, and what we’ve learned!



LoveMe is a HUGE website, with tens of thousands if not more of ‘single women’ from all across the world. Specifically, there are also tens of thousands of beautiful, single Filipinas on the site as well. Whether or not they’re frequently active is a different factor—that seems to be hit or miss.

Unfortunately, has reportedly loads of fake pictures and profiles, along with scammers alike. Unfortunately men have reported that many women don’t reply to their emails, and when they do it’s very generic—and not actually responding directly to what you might have sent or asked them.

Lastly, the site and using its services, even in addition to upgraded membership, still can easily cost you a fortune in purchasing her email address, sending gifts, writing letters, hiring a translator, etc. etc.

With that being said, such a dating website brings us back to the reality that only so much can be expected from them, and at best, they ‘bridge the gap’ or make it possible to get a potential relationship going–and nothing more. It brings us back to the reality that there are no guarantees in life, online or off.



Blossoms seems to have quite a substantial amount of real profiles of beautiful, single Filipinas in their late 20’s to early 30’s. Make no mistake, Filipinas naturally stay gorgeous well into their older years, so this is definitely not a deal-breaker.

While Blossoms seems to be legitimate, the replies from women on the site can take very long, and due to their seemingly ‘archaic’ user-platform and features the website tends to lag a lot or be otherwise inconveniently slow.

At $30.00 a month, we refer you to more credible, well-reviewed, and worthwhile sites such as Cupid, as the aforementioned amount is considered a relatively high premium rate to pay for membership.



DateInAsia sets itself apart from most common dating websites, including those designed for finding single, sexy Filipinas. It does however, oddly require your telephone number for a confirmation code via SMS to register and maintain your account. While this might serve as a ‘buffer’ to keep the real from the fakes out, there’s no guarantee that your information won’t be shared, or that it hasn’t been in the past. The overall reputation of the site is mediocre at best.

Unfortunately, loads of scammers and bots have been reported, like many sites, to be on DateInAsia. The problem might very well be that the website doesn’t want to remove the fake profiles because they attract new traffic.

One benefit of the site is that there’s undoubtedly sexy and single women from all over the world that you can voice and video chat with–or arrange to send letters back and forth. However, emails seem less successful with users, so physical letters might be your best bet—although costly.

Again, a website like DateInAsia is one in which requires great discretion in successfully separating the real from the fake.



FilipinoCupid, well known and backed by its many other global and reputable dating websites is definitely an optimal choice amongst the competition.

While it has a history and reportedly does not ban unwanted scammers and BOTS directly via their IP addresses–in comparison, it seems to do the best job in filtering out the unwanted ‘fakes’, scammers, or otherwise ‘BOTS’.

There are definitely a substantial amount of legitimate women on the site, but you must use your discretion as with any dating site; to include not wiring women money haphazardly.

The premium membership cost you pay alone should be enough of an investment for you–for the time being. Ultimately, should you feel as though you’ve prospectively met your future girlfriend (or wife), it’s most advisable to arrange a meet to visit her and the country itself—as understandably, people can be completely different in person than they are online.

Should you be especially curious or interested in getting more out of your money before spending tons of money on airlines, you could, at your discretion hire a detective to peak in on the woman you’re interested in—some might say creepy, others say financially responsible, especially given the amount of potential scammers or ‘gold-diggers’ that all too often frequently give Filipinas a bad name.



Last but not least, there’s AsianDate.

For many, the sites been reportedly best used for ‘entertainment’ purposes-only, and that successfully linking up or corresponding with a legitimate woman and prospective future girlfriend is more or less a gamble—as seen in most dating sites anywhere in the world.

Considering its site-features and any realistic likelihood of meeting the Filipina of your dreams, the site is arguably a bit overpriced.

The website seems a big complicated to navigate, and is definitely not our top choice. More often than not, women have been labeled otherwise illegitimate, and even when they are real, could simply just be ‘phishing’ for your wallet, or preoccupied collecting ‘sponsors’ as some have experienced as a trend globally, but especially with women—online—throughout Asia to-date.

In consideration of all the prospective outlined online platforms for online dating and finding a sexy, single Filipina, FilipinaCupid seems to be the best bet and most ‘bang for your buck’.

Happy Dating!