How to Date a Filipina

hot filipina bride with her sexy bodySo you want to date a beautiful, intelligent and fun Filipina? Of course you do! Who wouldn’t  Read on for some simple, straightforward tips that will help you make your fantasy a reality!

Be Humble

Humility is attractive to ALL women… not just Filipinan women. Being confident and interesting is fine but being cocky will not get you far. Show her that you are interested in her and that you feel lucky and privileged to get to know her.

Be Industrious

Being busy, active and hard-working will grab her interest. Asian women are typically raised in a culture where hard work, educational ambition and goals, and a general “nose to the grindstone” type of attitude is highly valued. She will find you highly attractive if you have a lot going on. Of course, you need to make time for her, however!

Don’t Be Pushy or Aggressive

Filipinas tend to be intrigued by American men. To them, a white man is exotic. They will enjoy the intrigue and flirtation that can be built with a courtship between the two of you. That means you need to keep things P.G. for a while. It also means that you shouldn’t act desperate or obsessive.Let things evolve naturally.

Show an Interest in Her Family

Women from the Philippinesn are typically very family oriented and are raised to be respectful of their elders. Family is highly important and will probably rank high for her on her priority list. If you want to attract her you need to show interest in her family, as well.

In particular, show an interest in getting to know her parents and grandparents and let her see that you value and respect their opinions.

Show an Interest in Her Culture

Be sure to show and interest and respect for her culture. Listen to her music, try their foods and attempt to learn some of their native language. You may even want to visit her country to see her cultural background first-hand  It will mean the world to her to see that you care about where she comes from.

Be Yourself

filipina brides with foreign men dating

When you are dating someone from another culture it can be tempting to want to try and change and conform to her culture. While there is nothing wrong with showing interest and respect for her cultural background, you should retain your own identity and have confidence about where you come from.

Try some delicious Filipino dishes (just stay away from Balut)! Being yourself is the only way to make a relationship work.

Being yourself, showing an interest in her family and culture and working hard will make you very attractive to her. Humility and a little bit of patience will let her see that you are confident without being arrogant.

The truth is that there is no secret to dating a Filipina other than to try as hard as you can to be authentic and respectful.

The rest will work itself out.