The Philippines: Where to Meet Beautiful Women

Are you looking to visit the Philippines but don’t know where to start? The entire country of the Philippines is separated into two major regions, Northern Luzon and Southern Luzon. This, and along with the fact it has over 100 islands can make it intimidating or even difficult on where to start or go first.

While there are major cities and well-known places like Manilla or Subic City, there are also plenty of hidden treasures and other beautiful, exciting places to meet great people and possibly find the woman of your dreams.

Coming to the Philippines to find a beautiful woman and even wife can be fun, you just have to know where to look. Check out some of these beautiful, hidden treasures and find the right fit for you!

A Touch of Spanish Influence: Vigan, Ilocos Sur

beautiful church in Vigan

Before we dive right into some of the beaches, beach towns, and more rural places let’s cover a very nice, hidden getaway that still has a town and touch of Spanish and of course Filipino culture to enjoy.

Vigan, Ilocos Sur is a wonderful place to visit if you enjoy discovering local heritage, landmarks, beautiful churches, and of course beaches only within 30 minutes to an hour away.

A part of Southern Luzon it’s by no means the closest to the major cities or embassy’s, but if you’re looking to get away and experience something new this is a great place to start.

Nonetheless, the people here are extremely friendly, helpful towards tourists, and the cafes are absolutely delightful. If you’re more of a “social butterfly” this is a fantastic place to start! If you’re into bars and a big night scene this definitely isn’t the place for you, as this is a much more relaxed or slow pace place to visit or stay.

The women here are also extremely friendly, and because tourists don’t frequent this spot so often it makes you more of a “hidden gem”.

Calbiga, Samar (Langan Gobingob Caves)

Calbiga caves in Samar

Are you the adventure type? Samar is a beautiful province with undoubtedly some of the most beautiful, kind, and loving women in all of Philippines.

Samar all-around is full of adventures, mountains, opportunities to hike, camp, and more. Nearly every small town that you’ll come across here is accommodating to tourists, and in more instances than not the people you meet will at minimum be able to speak at least basic English.

While speaking a little Tagalog can help you, even if it’s your first visit you should do well. One of the most popular attractions in Samar is the Laguna Gobingob Caves, which are found in the city of Calbiga.

The caves here are tons of fun, you can go rafting, adventuring in the mountains, and more. Almost all of the local towns have some sort of shops, and if not cafes they have “sari-sari” stores which are convenience stores.

Even so, sitting outside of a “sari-sari” store and having a few cold ones or eating your meal is commonplace, and is a great way to meet new people including beautiful, single women that would be delighted to meet you and show you around.

Tangke in Gigantes Sur Island, Carles, Iloilo: A Mash

Tangke in Gigantes Island

If you’re on a budget, or simply looking to enjoy the simple things in life, take in the local culture, and explore then Iloilo is a great place to go, and Sur Island is incredibly beautiful and another hidden treasure for both locals and tourists alike.

While a simpler environment, is great for enjoying some delicious, local seafood, relaxing, and checking out various UNESCO World Heritage Sites. There are plenty of beautiful colonial houses and other heritage buildings that are a blast to visit!

The beaches here are no less full of white sand and transparent, blue water. There are also lots of single, helpful, and outgoing women that can be found all over the local town here and beaches.

It’s a popular destination for day trips, and plenty of Filipinos come here regularly to enjoy the sites, have picnics, and socialize. Ilolio is also conveniently located only one hour from the major city and airport found in Manilla, Philippines.

Bicol, Philippines: A Sight to Remember

Bicol's famous Mayon volcano

If you enjoy hiking, and taking in incredible sights than Bicol is a prime place to visit, meet new people, and conveniently has a nearby town full of stores, markets, cafes, and more (Legazpi City, Albay).

There’s great surfing here, found in Daet, and lots of affordable surfing lessons by local Filipinos – another great place to meet new people and find the Filipina of your dreams.

If you’ve never seen a volcano in real life, and it’s the type of thing you’d like to wake up to one morning and be able to see from afar or hike up then the Mayon Volcano near Legazpi City, Albay, Philippines is an incredible place to visit and be.

Two nearby islands Caramoan and Calaguas are also awesome places to visit, the locals are very friendly, and single Filipinas here are unlimited.

The weather here is great all year round, so you can always enjoy the sights and find beautiful, single Filipinas walking the beaches, shops, the local town, and nearby islands.

Apo Island, Dauin, Oriental Negros, Philippines: Scuba Diving to Nightlife

Apo Island in Negros Oriental

If you’re up for scuba-diving during the day, and enjoying a bustling nightlife full of outgoing, kind, and good-hearted Filipinos then Oriental Negros, Philippines is a great place to visit.

There’s ton of low-key and accommodating places throughout the city you can stay at, explore the beaches, and check out the incredible waterfalls.

Tour guides are available everywhere, but it’s equally easy to find and meet a nice girl that’s knowledgeable of the local area that’d be happy to show you around.

There’s also plenty of beautiful mountain resorts, so you can be nearby to local attractions, the city, and be comfortable while happy.

Apo Island is really a tourist friendly place, with tons of backpackers, and lots of women that are a regular working class, some in school, and others that work at their family’s local market or business.

So it’s as easy as walking into a store or café to land yourself a first date and possibly find the Filipina of your dreams.

Given the many islands, cities, and tourist attractions the Philippines is really endless with opportunities of beautiful, unique, and exciting places to visit.

The ratio of men to women is great in the Philippines all around, and it’s not difficult as a foreigner to meet a nice Filipina. The places mentioned here are unique, and while not as frequently visited by foreigners there are still plenty of local expats that live here, friendly people, and local police that are equally welcoming and accessible.

Even if you don’t find the type of establishment, beaches, or tourist hotspots like you had hoped for, going for local Tagalog classes and simply browsing around in restaurants, cafes, and hanging out is sure to land you a date or two.

Remember, just meeting Filipinos, in general, can be the key to meeting a nice Filipina woman, so by no means limit yourself to only “cold approaches”.