What makes Filipina girlfriends different

Being romantically involved with a girl from the Philippines is similar but different from dating a Western-raised girl. Some differences are considerable, while others bit more subtle.

What follows is a comprehensive overview of what makes having a Filipina girlfriend so unique and different. Those that had been, or still are, in a relationship with a Filipina girl will find this very relatable, while others not so fortunate, will find it revealing and useful.

Age is truly just a number

“Age is just a number” is a popular saying that in reality doesn’t hold any “weight” in the Western countries. Western women like to share that kind of stuff on Facebook and Instagram. But when it comes to real life moments, they lack the mindset and willingness to live by that code.

However, that’s not the case with Filipina girls. They genuinely don’t care about any of that. We can’t say if it is a cultural thing, mindset, philosophy of living, or anything like that. They look at the person and not the year of birth.

Dating an older or a younger man is something that doesn’t matter to them as long as they can connect with him on a human level. That’s how they approach dating.

Filipinas are not spoiled

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Being in a relationship with a western girl is by any standards a complicated matter that requires a lot of energy and effort from your behalf. Much effort is expected from the man who needs to be aware of her needs, her feelings, to mind his manners, how he speaks to her and her friends, how he should dress when on a date, and so on. The list is rather lengthy. Anyone that has been through few relationships can relate to that and maybe add a thing or two to it.

On the other hand, Filipino girls bring something else to the table. They too like the attention of their man, they like their partner to be respectful. But at the same time, they don’t make crazy demands, no silent treatments, no holding grudges, or anything like that. If there is anything they don’t feel comfortable, they will be clear about it.

For example, there is no guessing game why she is pissed about something like with western girls. Whatever the issue, she will speak of it and will try to work it out with you. No need to try and read her mind and guess what this is about. Not by a long shot. They are not the drama queens all westerners are used to.

Filipinas are proficient in English

Most Filipina women speak at least two or three languages: Filipino/Tagalog (their native language), English (they start to learn it in elementary school), and at least one of the local languages. Their English is very clear, easy to understand, with no heavy accents from their behalf. It is essential to be able to conversate without any troubles in any case, especially when pursuing a romantic relationship.

Filipinas are loyal

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Almost no relationship can go without a crisis or two. Filipino girls are raised in an environment where couples always try hard to work out things before anything else.

Cheating is not that common in their culture as it is in the Western countries. So it’s not likely that in a moment of weakness or anything like that they will turn to someone else for comfort.

That’s just not them, and the farthest thing from their mindset.


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Their philosophy is simple, please your man or some other woman will do that for you. It’s a simple premise that they live by and they are ready to walk that extra mile to please their man no matter what. To that end, they always try to keep their figure slim and attractive. Always making sure that they look good, even when they are doing home chores.

The big question

Should you marry your Filipina girlfriend?

This is a pretty common question among men dating Filipino women. To answer it, it is you who need to be honest with yourself first. You need to ask yourself first – Are you interested in a woman that is raised to cherish family values and always put family first? Would you like a woman that takes care of your family while you provide for them?

Are you interested in a woman that knows she must make you happy in any way she can? Triple yes will lead to one final question that you need to ask yourself – Do you love her? One more yes and you got your answer.


Back in the day, all western women were like modern day Filipino girls. Somewhere along the way, they decided that they are entitled to more, that men should appreciate them more, that they needed more attention, prioritizing careers over family, and so on. They’ve become so self-centered that they forget about many core values.

As a result, many good men feel that there is some gap like something is missing. The Filipino girls are here to fill that gap by merely being themselves. It is not that they don’t like nice things and a good life.

Quite the opposite, they do. But at the same time, they are appreciative of their men, and they tend to show that on a daily basis.

They are aware of the fact that love and relationships are a two-way street and they are fully aware of their role in it as a woman. Their conservative approach to family matters makes them even more attractive to plenty of men. All in all, the typical Filipino girl has a set of values that fit nicely to the expectations of most western men.